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The future of diving

They predate open circuit scuba, but rebreathers are the future of diving; a future that is very quickly becoming the present.

Rebreathers give you extended bottom time, reduce decompression time and due to the lack of bubbles allow you to stealthily sneak up on fish. They work by recycling your exhaled gas. Whereas with scuba your exhaled breath bubbles off towards the surface, with rebreathers it goes back into the system. The carbon dioxide is filtered out and oxygen levels boosted from a small cylinder before you rebreathe the gas. You monitor and control the gas mix in the system, giving you longer underwater and less time spent decompressing. They fall into 2 main categories: Semi Closed Circuit (SCR) for recreational no stop diving and Closed Circuit (CCR) for Technical deep and Deco stop Diving.

We do both semi closed and closed circuit rebreather training using the new Submatix rebreathers. They’re small, very lightweight (15kg), safe and uncomplicated in design and use, and they look good. If you’re unsure about the semi closed or closed circuit courses, why not try one out in the pool on one of our Discover Rebreather days.