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Advanced Open Water Course with London Diving
The Adventure Continues

The Advanced course is the natural progression from Open Water Diver. It gives you the chance to hone your dive skills in new environments under the supervision of our London Diving PADI professionals.

The Advanced course consists of five adventure dives: two core dives and three elective dives. The core dives are a deep dive, up to a maximum depth of 30 metres and a navigation dive using compasses and natural references.

London Diving will help you choose the elective dives based on your interests and environmental considerations. The options include: digital photography dive; diver propulsion vehicle dive; enriched air nitrox dive; dry suit dive; multilevel and computer dive; night dive; peak performance buoyancy dive; search and recovery dive; underwater naturalist dive; underwater videography dive; wreck dive; boat dive; and drift dive. We are also offering an Advanced Open Water / Dry Suit Speciality course combination deal for only an extra £25. This consists of the 5 Advanced Open Water dives (deep, navigation and dry suit plus two other elective dives), plus the second qualifying dive of the Dry Suit Speciality course, giving you two certifications for six dives.

There are no exams or classroom work on this course: you just need to read the relevant sections of the Adventures in Diving manual and complete the knowledge reviews. After that it’s all diving.

After completing the course, you’ll be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 30 metres in conditions similar to or better than those you were trained in and will be a much more confident diver. What’s more, each dive you complete can be used as the first dive towards the corresponding speciality course. With the Dry Suit Speciality combo, you will of course already have earned one speciality certification towards the Master Scuba Diver rating.

For those who require a bit more flexibility on the course, we can offer adventure dives at a rate of £50 per dive and the Adventure Diver certification (any three adventure dives) for £150 plus £25 for the crewpack. The Advanced Open Water course can be completed at any time after that with the remaining two dives for £100.

5 dives over 2 days.

£250 Individual adventure dives are £50 each. Tailor made option available at £105 extra

Please note accommodation and transport are not included if we travel to the coast or Stoney Cove for the 2 days

Minimum Age
12 years.

Certified Open Water, Junior Open Water Diver or have an equivalent certification from another training organisation.

UK, Malta, Red Sea

Upcoming Course Dates