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Dry Suit Diver
Dive dry and warm

If you’re going to be diving in the UK, it’s pretty much essential that you do it in a dry suit. Dry suits seal you off from the water keeping you dry and warm, which means you can enjoy diving in even the coldest conditions.

During the course you’ll learn how to use a dry suit in our pool, along with the proper procedures for storage and maintenance, and find out which undergarments work best to keep you warm. Over the two open water dives you’ll practice buoyancy control and other techniques to ensure comfortable and safe dry suit diving.

After completing the course, a whole range of new cold water diving environments will be open for you to explore. You’ll also have one more speciality certification towards the Master Scuba Diver rating. Also, see our offer on the Dry Suit Speciality / Advanced Open Water combo.

Two dives in one day

£105 (includes equipment hire and tuition).

Dry Suit Manual £20 (required)

Dry Suit DVD £20 (recommended)

Minimum Age
10 years.

Certified Open Water, Junior Open Water Diver or have an equivalent certification from another training organisation

West London for pool training, open water in UK

Course Dates
28 or 29 March
25 or 26 April
6 or 7 June
Tailor Made Option